Our vision and Mission:

STEM School & Academy is hosting a scholastic comic con Saturday, April 1, 2017. Our school endeavors to engage all students in an academically rigorous core curricula promoting a strong foundation in the sciences, technologies, engineering, and math relevant to real-world contexts, as well as encouraging them to have fun and utilize their imaginations!

This event “STEM FEST 2017” encompasses all of this, challenging our students and building their characters while engaging our community. The comic genre has always strongly encouraged reading, art, and powerful imaginations, branching into technologies, mathematics, and engineering with the different additions comic cons have brought to the world.

STEM FEST is a fundraiser for our school. The students are participating in raising money to make their school the best it can be. Please contact us at stem-fest@stemhigh.org for more information and to find out how you may participate. Check out our website at www.stemfest.org and Like our Facebook page “STEM FEST 2017” for updates.

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